Library Rules

Admission to the Library                    

  • Any person eligible to become member of the library or permitted by the Librarian/Competent Authority may be admitted to the library.
  • Every member shall be required to to write legibly his/her name and his/her department in the gate register specially provided for the purpose. Such a signature will be taken as an acknowledgement that the person agrees to abide by the library rules.
  • The staff at the entrances is authorized to examine everything that passes into or goes out of the library.
  • No book shall be issued on loan which in the opinion of the Librarian is not in a condition to be safely handled by the borrower.
  • Before getting books issued any mutilation or markings should be pointed out immediately by the member to the Issue Counter Assistant and his initials be obtained there, otherwise the member shall be responsible for mutilations and markings discovered afterwards.
  • In case of damage or loss of a book, the member shall be required to replace the book or pay the cost of replacement of the book. Replacement cost of a book will mean the price of the book as per Bibliographical Sources or other sources or market price or price as per Accession Register, whichever is higher, plus postal and other incidental charges to be incurred in procuring the book. If such a book is a gift/is out of print/ its price is not known, the price to be charged will be determined by the Librarian in consultation with the DSW.

If a volume of a set/series or lost and a new volume is not separately available, the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set/series or pay the replacement cost of the same. The other volumes of the set/series will be given to the member after replacing or paying the cost of the whole set.         

Restricted Categories of Reading Material

  • Reference books, loose issues and bound volumes of periodicals, multivolume sets, Rare books and such other materials as may be placed under restricted categories by the Librarian may not be lent out ordinarily, However, in special circumstances, the Rule may be relaxed for their issue for a very limited period. The decision of the Librarian in such case shall be final.
  • A book which is in a great demand may not be re-issued to the same student on consecutive days.
  • Before leaving the library, students will be required to return the books borrowed by them for consultation in the library.
  • Thesis, reports, project reports are not for issue. In special circumstances, the rule may be relaxed but permission by the Vice Chancellor is required.
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Academic Staff 10 2 Month Head of the Department
Administrative Staff 6 1 Month Head of the Department
Research Scholars 6 1 Month Head of the Department
P. G. Students 4 15 Days Head of the Department
U. G. Students 2 15 Days Head of the Department